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What is Travian Bot?

Travian bot is a software made for Windows to almost completely automate the Travian game-play. Generally it can automatically attack, build, transport resources, train troops, avoids incoming attack and much more. We are constantly updating the bot and adding new features.

 Screenshot of TravianBot:

Travianbot,travian bot,autofarm




 Travian Bot features


» Automatic build

Bot is able to upgrade or build automatically on time. It comes with intelligent building engine which does not need a building queue to be set, bot chooses which resource to build at which time automatically. Usually you just set all resources to level 10 and let the bot do the work for you. Travian bot also allows you to set the priority of building to village center or resource fields, or both at the same time if you are Roman tribe. There is also the crops per hour detection, so the bot will not get stuck because of too low crop production.


» Automatic use of Marketplace

Travian bot is able to transport resources between your towns automatically. Wherever one of your towns needs a resources and the other town has too many of them, the bot will transport those resources according to your settings. With this function the time required to build a new village from scratch will decrease dramatically. Bot will continuously supply your new town from selected towns, so resources for building will be always available.


» Automatically train your army

Define how many units you want and the bot will train/build them automatically. There are multiple modes available for how the bot train new units. The option to upgrade the weapons will be available soon.


» Farmer

Intelligent farming engine which gathers the information through battle reports. You can configure bot when and how many units to send on each farm or just leave those decisions to bot. Bot will automatically raid the farms on the list. If the farm setup the small bunker, the bot will attack it with more units if available. If the bunker is too big bot will stop attacking. Bot also uses your hero to send them on very first raids or attacks.


» Evade incomming attacks

Bot will automatically send your units away and consume all the resources in case of attack. Do not let your attacking units get killed while defending your town.


» Farm Finder

Travian bot comes with farms finder addon. You simply enter the radius of search, population requirements, excluded alliances and click on search. Simple as that :).

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